Our privacy policy describes how we hold and process your personal information Built on family values, we see every customer as one of our own and respect protecting your privacy. We want you to understand how we use your personal information to give you the solutions and services you need. If you have any questions, speak to us through our app, over the phone email us at info@iraqiislamicb.iq


If we change the way we process and use your personal information, we’ll let you know right away by email and by updating our website. What we hold about you


We gather and process personal information throughout our journey together to keep your account safe and secure. Here’s what we hold about you: Information you submit through our app, website or at any of our branches. This may include:
- Your name, address, date of birth, contact details
- A photo of you; whether passport photo or selfie on the app!
- Your education and employment history Your account details and transaction history with us Information about your financial status, like your personal wealth, assets and liabilities, proof of income and expenditure, credit and borrowing history, and needs and goals Information on how you use your phone and what you give us permission to access on it
- Your IP address or operating system
- Your smart device’s information
- Your security authentication
- Your mobile network
- Web site visits
- Spending behaviour
- Biometric data like your physical, physiological, or behavioural characteristics (For example, we use voice recognition or similar technologies to help us prevent fraud and money laundering) Information from social networks or online accounts, this means your online profile and social media activity How and why we get this information from you


Besides the information you share with us, we gather and hold personal information about you, your business, and transactions from: When you sign a contract When you open an account with us, and apply for a product or service When we are required by law to collect and process certain personal information about you Where it is in our legitimate interests do so as an organisation, without harming your interests, fundamental rights, and freedom To keep our services up and running, manage our business and financial affairs, and to protect our customers, employees and property. This may include processing your information to: Give you the best products and services Make responsible decisions, perform data analysis, data matching, and profiling Other parties who provide services to you or us Channels you use to bank with us such as ATMs, online banking, and our mobile app Public sources such as the press and online search engines

Your rights You have a number of rights over personal data that we hold about you. You have the right to:
Ask us to stop processing your personal information if you don’t agree with the way we’re using it. We’ll stop processing your information unless it overrides with our legal obligations (Just to let you know that if we stop processing your information, we may no longer be able to operate your account and provide you with our products and services) Make us correct your personal information if it’s inaccurate Access the personal data we hold about you, or get a copy of it Withdraw consent you’ve given us for your personal information at any time Who we share your personal information with
We promise not to share your personal information with anyone unless:
You’ve given us the green light to do so It’s needed for our services and offerings We’re required by law and by law enforcement agencies, judicial bodies, government entities, tax authorities, or regulatory bodies worldwide With other banks and third parties, where it’s require…



Privacy Policy

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