Debit Card

Card Features:

- Use in most parts of the world to buy and withdraw cash with ease.

- Safe use through chip and PIN.

- The currency of the card is determined according to the currency of the account linked to it with the bank.

- Possibility of issuing family cards.

- Free SMS service that always elert you about what transaction done on your card.

Eligibility requirements:

- The minimum age is 18 years.

- Having a current or savings account with the bank.

The required documents:

- Card issuance request can be obtained from the branch directly.

- Personal identification.


Travel Card

- The card will be used for cash withdrawals and purchases from online stores and websites all over the world, and it is also used for promotion on social networking sites.

- The currency of the card is the US Dollar.

- The validity period of the card is 2 years.

- It is not required to open an account with the bank to issue a card.

- Works in all electronic sites, Points Of Sale (POS) and ATMs.

- The card is prepared directly and ready for use after filling out the KYC form and attaching a copy of the documents.

- Free SMS service.

- Free card issuance commission.

- Deposit commission $2.

- The card limit is $10,000.

IIB Cards

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