Iraqi Islamic Bank for Investment & Development plans to play a significant role in the growth & recovery of the Iraqian economy.


We cater to corporate clients on a relationship basis, essentially offering corporate, trade and project finance services. & Product Lines.


We believe in understanding our client’s business as a way to promote our comprehensive suite of products and services geared to meet the demands and complexities of the corporate finance sector.


Our corporate business is planned to tap into major segments of the business. In doing so, IIB will be supported by the relationships and credentials of our sponsors.


To our corporate clients, we provide innovative financial solutions covering corporate finance, investment banking, project finance, trade and commodity finance, capital and debt market products, treasury and corporate banking, international banking services, and securities, all under the umbrella of Sharia compliant Islamic banking structures.


Required Document for Opening a Corporate Account:


First: Companies Accounts:

  1- Certificate of Citizenship.

  2- Identity Card.

  3- A letter from the company informs the bank if an employee resign from the company.

  4- A letter from the bank contains the Employees Names.

  5- Contact Details (E-Mail & Telephone).


Second: Iraqi Companies

  1- Memorandum of Association.

  2- The minutes of the Constituent Assembly approved by Iraqi Registrar of Companies.

  3- Company Certificate of Incorporation.

  4- Company Address.

  5- Copy of the minutes of the meeting for the appointment of Managing Manager of the Company with a copy of his citizenship & Identity.

  6- Company Budget for the previous year.

  7- Meeting of the General Authority for appointment of members of the Board of Directors.

  8- Meeting of the Board of Directors and the appointment of President and Vice President and Managing Director and their powers.

  9- Contact Details (E-Mail & Telephone).


Third: Foreign Companies

  1. Company Certificate of Incorporation stamped by a foreign bank which the company is dealing with.
  2. Minutes of Meeting of the Managing Director clarify the authorized signature issued and stamped by a foreign bank.
  3. Budget for a previous one year.
  4. Passport copy of the authorized person.
  5. Contact Details of Mother Company.
  6. A Certified Memorandum of Association for the mother company.


Business Accounts Types

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